Rogers is offering me free installation for ignite and 1g internet for about the same price I would be paying if I stayed with Digital cable. Ignite has the ability to pull up all episodes including ways to watch the one you missed. Hows the Picture Quality in 1080p and 4k. For younger kids, the exclusive Kids Zone is curated and protected programs for children only; you can also set up parental controls to keep content safe. When my kids aren’t playing video games, they use the Ignite TV YouTube app to pull up their favourite YouTubers to watch THEM play video games. This reminded me that the monthly rebate i'd negotiated a little over a year ago had expired and, with the new increase, i would be looking at a monthly bill of $185 vs the $150. <br /><br /><br. And what a great first post! I’ve had it for about a month and it’s pretty incredible. So we recently Upgraded our Internet to the Rogers Ignite Gigabit 1GB package and that has been great so far getting good up/dl speeds,  wifi has been flawless .were looking to switch over to the New Ignite TV Service was just wondering peoples reviews and thoughts on it. I'm a writer, social media strategist, brand ambassador, hockey mom, rock-concert-goer & gluten-free foodie. Rogers Ignite TV integrates the best content into one place. They had been nice during my struggles with my service. No need to be fancy, just an overview. This thread is a perfect place. Service shouldnt really change from location to location.. as long as  your internet is good.As long as its stable. If it's wireless why does it need to be with in 3 feet of the router? Entertainment June 27, 2019. RogersTony. ‎05-06-2019 (Still rogers fault, the techs not doing their job properly)IF everything is set up well, it should run well.As for picture quality. With the flex 10 cable package for 150$, 180$ for the premium cable package. Some have said the quality is worse, etc. Personally from what I hear on here.. i think 2/3 of the complaints stem from people having bad internet/wifi.. the product not being set up properly, etc. My kids are older and use Ignite TV for watching sports, Netflix and YouTube primarily. Since it’s small and lightweight, it can … Include topics like the inability to move back to digital, not able to move email back and port number back and comments on refusals of deals which make it a risky situation for current users to make the swap up when they may find that it is not what they hoped for and just want to go back. I was only having problems with the STBs and I suspected a modem issue (because there were errors in the modem logs). ‎05-07-2019 My wifi is a bit spotty. With Ignite TV, you can also record movies and can download them on the Rogers app to watch later from your mobile phone, even without Wi-Fi capability. So hearing all that really put a damper on my thoughts of switching. As soon as they left the house, after installation, the problems began. For example, I downloaded a few episodes of my show so I could watch on the airplane to Costa Rica. share. by Mesh would do nothing for that. If you have your own mesh network already setup then you would be better if turning Rogers router in Bridge mode.. I want to be able to control my Rogers Ignite TV Service at home on my TV through the app as a TV remote (Similar to another competitor’s app). They may have to install couple of satellites to extend WiFi coverage. I suggest you read a few of the recent ones as there is lots of feedback there. I had used my own Asus 3200 router in the past with no issues. You can also download your Cloud PVR recordings to your device and watch anywhere. Maybe a group of energetic users of Ignite could review through all the reported issues and status of these issues and as was done with Navigatr, build a good the bad and the ugly. CASE #1I switched to Rogers Ignite TV but its not for everyone (yet).Rogers Ignite TV is excellent when it works! ‎03-07-2019 This is why I subscribed to the Rogers subreddit so I could wait for someone to ask about Ignite TV. After several reset the modem, reset the STBs, I explained to them that the extenders were not a good solution for my home. So if Rogers give you cheaper option then go with them. Good speeds. After 2 1/2 months I finally convinced them to send a new modem out with the tech (just to amuse me). Thanks :). It needs to be easy to know the strengths and weakness of the product and the strengths and weaknesses of the old product we know. I hope it makes some sense. I then removed all the extenders and added my Asus router. You don’t need to scroll anymore; simply use the voice remote to name whatever it is you’re looking for; whether it’s your favourite sports team or reality TV show, you can simply say “Real Housewives” and Rogers will pull up all of the options for you to watch… and there are many. We at least hear that some of these issues are now in a larger list to be dealt with in an upcoming version upgrade, but it would be great if this thread could collect the summary views of a larger group of people in order to allow people to make an informed decision. (Similar to other competitor’s app). This site contains affiliate links to products. What the BH gals did to Lisa Vanderpump still irks me! Thats still there... apparently needs a firmware update to fix. 08:02 AM is now available at Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon! I actually used to have Digital VIP myself and I loved it, so I certainly understand why taking the plunge to Ignite TV would cause you some hesitation! All Updates will appear at the bottom as they happen.Hello Rogers,It has been awhile since I have been a Rogers internet customer. - last edited on They always connect ignite tv box via WiFi to their router. Examples are Google WiFi, Netgear Orbi, Linksys Velop etc. Imma try it out. All rights reserved. I retained the Rogers Ignite TV modem (and wifi) for the STBs and exposed the router to DMZ. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Here is link to Rogers WiFi pods, they call them pods.. I currently have Digital VIP cable (I was grandfathered), CRAVE, Hollywood Suite, all the time shifting channels and Internet 150u with mesh network. A Mom’s Self-Care Survival Guide for the First Year: Because Moms Need a Little TLC, Too! To me, the picture quality, on my 1080p samsung LED.. is the same as it was on my Nextbox 3 box. What is the issue related to not being able to move email back and port number back? The all-in-one search in voice remote is so convenient. My STBs worked much better but not perfectly. Consistent. IIRC Hamilton has Motorola equipment (if on Rogers) and is only recently starting to roll out IgniteTV to various areas. Watching TV has become so convenient, the only problem now is choosing from all the available content! He same signal enhancers would help but not by a lot. We seem to have about a year of feedback now on the good, the bad and the ugly of Ignite TV, covering basic installation with Euro add-ons, telephone.

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