Monarchies—the most prevalent form of government in human history—are disproportionately warlike for a number of reasons. 31 to no.

Sex had no effect in softening the prevalent style of oratory, but the government thought it better to take no notice. is the child that has not yet seen the violence and destruction so Prevalent in the world. This condition is much more prevalent in children with Marfan syndrome than in the general population.
Use prevalent in a sentence? The monastic ideals prevalent were those of the Antonian monachism, with its hankering after the eremitical life and the practice of extreme bodily austerities. Epidemics of influenza and fever have been very prevalent of late years in the central provinces. Fevers and agues are prevalent owing to bad drainage and the overflowing of the river; and the death-rate is higher than the birth-rate. It may be inferred from native documents that grave disorders were prevalent under this system. One reason bulimia is so prevalent is because long-term treatment outcomes are not very effective for individuals who have this disease.

very common in a particular place or among a particular group. 24.the disease, transmitted mainly by tsetse flies, is Prevalent in37 countries among the poorest of the world.

The early thuribles were usually simple in design; but in the medieval period an architectural form was given to the lids by ornamenting them with towers, battlements and traceries, varying according to the prevalent Gothic style of the period. He then spent eight years as a hermit in Takpo in southern Tibet, where the comparatively purer teaching of Atisha (referred to above) was still prevalent. This is effected by the so-called habit of "ballooning" practised by very young spiders, which float through the air, often at great altitudes, in the direction of the prevalent winds. Key weeds: sow thistle is prevalent early in the season. In the low grounds fever of an acute and hematuric form is very prevalent. Motorola RAZR V3: Easily one of the most prevalent mobile handsets on the market today is the MOTORAZR. He had enough men, though a number of his units were below strength, while others were battle-worn and others again had suffered much from an intestinal disease that had been prevalent in the valleys of the Natisone and the Judrio; and he had enough guns, in spite of the withdrawal of the Allied artillery, though he would doubtless have been glad of a larger reserve. The earliest existing buildings date from the time of the Norman kings, whose palaces and churches were built in the Saracenic and Byzantine styles prevalent in the island. In later times, the strict adherence to caste duties would naturally receive considerable support from the belief in the transmigration of souls, already prevalent before Buddha's time, and from the very general acceptance of the doctrine of karma (" deed "), or retribution, according to which a man's present station and manner of life are the result of the sum-total of his actions and thoughts in his former existence; as his actions here will again, by the same automatic process of retribution, determine his status and condition in his next existence.

What atom is most prevalent in Earth's atmosphere? 3. 630-644, found Termez, Khulm, Balkh, and above all Bamian, amply provided with monasteries, stupas and colossal images, which are the striking characteristics of prevalent Buddhism; even the Pamir highlands had their monasteries. This Evil yet prevalent in Colleges and other Seminaries.

Answer. Until about 1725 the belief was very prevalent that cochineal was the seed of a plant, but Dr Martin Lister in 1672 conjectured it to be a kind of kermes, and in 1703 Antony van Leeuwenhoek ascertained its true nature by aid of the microscope.

Malaria is widely prevalent, and in some years, after a wet spring, assumes a malignant character.

Many SIDS deaths occur in babies who have recently had colds (a possible reason that SIDS is most prevalent in winter, the time when upper respiratory infections are most frequent). 1655) introduced the Italian style of gardening which was so greatly admired by Bacon and soon after became prevalent in England. 30.this condition is more Prevalent in women than in men. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, Clonazepam abuse is a serious problem and is more prevalent among patients seeking psychiatric help than it is among members of the general population. If you are making a cocktail where Champagne is the most prevalent ingredient and the other mixers have delicate flavors, it would make sense to use a nicer champagne since its flavor will shine through in the finished product.

oaks and beeches; farther in- Waldeck land, and especially east of the Reuss-Greiz Elbe, coniferous trees are the Reuss-Schleiz most prevalent, praticularly Schaumburg-Lippe .
The prevalent opinion, however, was that sovereignty was compatible with rights such as were possessed by the Reich over the princes of Germany; that there might be fiefs held in full sovereignty; and that vassal states, when subject only to "nude vassalage," were sovereign.

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