A breakthrough that frees YOU from much anxiety and many of the common parental relational games called ‘emotional blackmail’. But, of course, it isn’t the only way to live.

Put simply, it means to live your life in such a way that you are true to yourself every moment of your life. the world out there and the world within your consciousness, were quite distinct and YOU were confusing the primary reality ‘in here’ with the secondary reality ‘out there’.

I teach others how to practice mindfulness and meditation, so that they can find inner peace, lasting happiness, and a deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. And you let that happen to you just because something happened, over which you had no control. Then, one fateful day, as YOU looked in a mirror, YOU created the belief that YOU were an appearance, an image that could be enhanced and improved. That meant separate names for separate things. If someone were to observe an average day in an average week of an ‘outside inner’ (perhaps that’s YOU) there is a good chance they would see: It all adds up to a not so happy life, if not a stressful journey, punctuated with many moments of disappointment, unhappiness and suffering simply because we become dependent on someone or something outside of our self! It’s been my experience as a clinician that people who invite the wisdom of the Serenity Prayer into their lives on a regular basis are able to feel more in command of their experience, less easily tossed around by the waves of their lives. Chemistry and physics would add to the illusion that learning about how the world worked ‘out there’ was of paramount importance to your future success and therefore happiness in life. The more attention you place on your internal world and everything that unfolds within it from moment to moment, the more you'll learn about who you are and what you want. YOU stopped being dependent on the reactions or the feedback of others for how YOU felt within your self as YOU started to take complete responsibility for ALL your feelings. It’s the kind by which outside forces—like life circumstances and relationships—completely dictate our internal state, hindering our capacity to manage ourselves and our emotions. If you’re new to mindfulness, pick up a simple guide (like this one, or this one) to learn the basics and begin your personal practice. She firmly believes that for every negative there is without doubt a positive to counterbalance it & never loses sight of the fact that life is not a rehearsal and as such strives always to Live, Laugh & Love everyday! But depending on these kinds of things—which is part and parcel of everyday living—isn’t harmful; in fact, it facilitates the flow of our lives. Unsubscribe anytime. Start with This, Creativizers: Doing the Creative Work the Company Can’t, Everything You Know About Dating Is Probably Wrong, How Unlikely Partners Challenged Each Other to Innovate. When YOU arrived YOU had no idea, no awareness, that there even was an inside and an outside of YOU. We don’t realise we are living the wrong way round until someone points it out and we are ready to see for our self. The Seventh Symptom – Thinking and talking of ‘what was’ yesterday and what ‘will be’ tomorrow OUT THERE. YOU then became dependent on others to do and say what YOU believed would make YOU happy too! As YOU did you started to ignore and avoid what YOU ‘learned to believe’ was NOT so important in the world…out there! Those big people called parents, along with any big brothers or sisters, would start to teach YOU how to perceive both ‘separateness and difference’. But this doesn’t mean we have to relinquish control. YOU stopped competing with others as YOU awakened to the greater reality that we are all together in a process of co-creating the fabric of society based on our relationships with each other. As it arises, you simply observe it without getting involved with it. The First Symptom – The belief that the primary reality is OUT THERE. But it wasn’t long before the ‘conditioning of separation’ would begin. It seems the vast majority of us are ‘outside inners’ as opposed to ‘inside outers’. YOU spend much of your life in the various forms of worry and anxiety about the people and things ‘out there’ that YOU fear losing, or fear being affected in some way. You get angry, or act selfishly, and then you wish you hadn’t done so. Even when you don’t know them personally! To live at the mercy of a substance or other stimulus is disempowering, damaging, and draining. That word was ‘important’. As things come at you from the outside, you’ll be able to check in with yourself, notice what you’re experiencing, and masterfully respond accordingly. No amount of outer chaos can affect the inner peace in you. YOU believe and perceive them to be ‘in the way’ of what you believe you need from the world to maintain your sense of security or your happiness in the world. How did YOU know? I'm also the Author of Simplify Now, Mindfulness for Everyone, & Meditation for Everyone. You can subscribe to Mike’s irregular e-article at www.relax7.com – it’s free! The Fourth Symptom – Blaming someone or something for loss, or for getting in the way of what you want, OUT THERE.

YOU notice one of the many faces of anger frequently arising in the form of irritation, frustration or resentment towards someone of something ‘out there’. And as long as you let yourself live based on outer conditions, you’ll never be able to live a happy life. Once you have all the cobwebs, bad habits, and self-defeating behaviors cleaned out of your life and begin LIVING your life, you will notice it is exceedingly easy to LIVE life. Until...one day... somehow.... without reading anything... something opens... and self change starts to happen. So for today, just try to live from the inside out and see how far you can do it without letting the outer world affect you. YOU realized that as long as YOU relied on your ‘emotions’ (stimulated by the world) to give YOU a sense of aliveness YOU were not able to choose and express your ‘feelings’ (created by you) appropriate to the needs of those around YOU. Now YOU really were living from outside in. Keep repeating this until you start living from the inside out naturally, without any effort, just as nature intended you to live.

Slowly your perception became conditioned to perceive a world full or separated objects, places and people. Once upon a time there was a new born baby called YOU! YOU swing between emotional states that YOU believe YOU cannot control because YOU have learned to believe your feelings are controlled by events, circumstances and others behaviour.

And as YOU listened to their fears and anxieties, YOU learned to be fearful of the same things. You know anger is not good for you. A Mind, Body, Spirit healer can help you jump start your success. Almost all your ‘self talk’ and ‘talk time’ with others will be about what others are doing  ‘out there’, or about what is happening in the world. YOU stopped seeing and using the world as a place to acquire wealth as you realized your greatest wealth is internal. Dennis: The culture’s got a plan for your marriage, for your family, and for your life and if you don’t know what God’s plan is, you’re going to ultimately be seduced by the world.

They taught YOU the language of words and labels.

And then once you have recognized the event for what it is, you can let the anger dissolve inside you, and respond calmly. Living from the outside in is exactly what it sounds like: what occurs outside dictates what happens inside. After having had a journey which … In your awe at the world everything was a wonderous ‘insperience’ taking place within your consciousness. In many respects, all of us are familiar with dependence to varying degrees. There’s another form of dependence, however, that has a much different effect. YOU stopped striving for success in the world just because YOU wanted the approval and applause of others and started to realize one of the greatest successes was not being dependent and therefore affected by others feedback. This means intentionally creating a gap between what happens and what you do about it. Guiding yes, controlling no! It was a feeling that arose from within and was not dependent on anything coming from outside in! The Third Symptom – Dependency on someone or something OUT THERE. Mike George is an author of 14 books focussed on the cultivation of self-awareness and spiritual intelligence. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Yet you let your anger dominate your mind and body. Instead of being carried away like a twig, and letting the wind take you wherever it wants, you can be the solid rock that remains steady even when the wind is at its strongest. 100% Privacy. You have your own reason to meditate. Naturally, we depend on many things to get through the day. But YOU weren’t aware of that. In essence, it’s your assessment and interpretation of what happens that determines the way you experience it. In the innocent purity of your consciousness YOU were unaware of anything being separate from anything else. Are YOU an ‘inside outer’? that happiness is not just another pleasure, that YOU are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness and that being authentically happy is an inside job… so to speak! YOU became increasingly concerned about how YOU looked for the benefit of others.

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