"You will know my rejection." God was so angry at the Israelites for their lack of faith in him that he forced them to wander in the desert 40 years until that entire generation had died--all except Joshua and Caleb. By the way, this is that principle of a day for a year. On-demand Amazing Facts audio featuring a wealth of spiritual guidance and inspiration. Subsequently Caleb settled in Hebron (Kiriatharba) after driving out the three sons of Anak; he gave his daughter Achsah to Othniel, his brother, who took nearby Debir (Joshua 15:13–19; cf. But they were grafted. Now I had left something out that I wanted to read. And Lord, we just cannot wait for your coming. We've just got to go in." I hope you do. Then we'll kind of go through the story. And it says he's a kenizzite. Now you'll notice that we got a section in here. And God said, "get back in there. He tried to do it in his own strength.

We're talking about the promises of God.

And you ever read what uriah says, he only says one verse in the Bible, but it talks about complete devotion to God. Wonderful story of a background character. And we also have a free offer that goes along with our study today. And so plan now on--if you know any teens that you'd like to be closer to the Lord, this would be really good for them. These deals on incredible witnessing and Bible resources don’t last long! And they're speaking to the congregation. Amen. Be careful what you pray for, even when you're pouting, 'cause you might get it. Caleb knew that when God gave him a task to do, God would supply him with all he needed to complete that mission. Notice that, through the Lord. You see how important this is? [Music] You know, as we were singing that I was thinking if we kept that in mind all day long every day, praising our Savior no matter what happened and we kept a prayerful, praising heart, I think our days would go much, much better. "But the men who had gone up with him said, 'we are not able to go against the people, for they are stronger than we are.'" He wanted to be involved in helping to deliver God's people, but he preemptively--it's called a preemptive strike. Why is caleb one of the heroes in the Bible?

I'm faithful. " A: The name “Caleb” literally means “dog”, which is a sometimes a term used derogatorily to refer to Gentiles. You've heard me say this before but in California on a spring day, you can have two birds that are native flying around, one is looking for things that are dead and carrion, decomposing, the other one's looking for flowers and nectar. We gave that verse to somebody. What did he say to gideon? But caleb doesn't look at that. I mean if he had brought them that far, does he have evidence for his faith? So as we listen to Your Words from Pastor Doug this morning, Lord, just fill us with life. And he says you prayed that your carcasses might fall? Don't expect to be overcomers.

You know where I'm going? God fulfilled his promise made to Caleb in the wilderness; he granted him an opportunity to own a landed property in Canaan. They've forsaken you, but I love you. Caleb became one of the leaders of Israel after Joshua had died. And they just plod along. And we'll read this later in our study today. In every time and season, there is an opportunity to share hope in Christ.

Now do you get that line? And it just stopped the whole mob. And in some way it's talking about the relentlessness of a dog. Caleb stands out as an example of godly living amid a population intent on rebellion and apostasy. Special insight and inspiration straight from the president’s desk. Notice there it says the kenezzites. And they gave hebron to caleb, as Moses had said. They'd done all the hard work. And you can request any hymn in our hymnal, and we'd love to sing that with you on a coming Sabbath. Moses sent spies, one from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, into Canaan to scout the territory. We can't do it."

Nathan and I were daydreaming the other day. Or if only we had died in this wilderness!'" Caleb the politician would have known when to go along. And then you know what he does? Genesis History (Noah): An Ark of Salvation. And here you've got these 12 spies. God said, "you got a pretty high opinion of yourself." The world-renowned Amazing Facts Bible school will help you know God’s Word better than ever. "Oh, it could fall there, get devoured." Comments containing URLs outside the family of Amazing Facts websites will not be approved. Land with southern exposure. Have you ever had to wait 40 years? "Then caleb said, 'he who attacks kirjath sepher and takes it, to him I will give my daughter achsah as wife. ' And judah is where they are because of the faith of caleb. I know when they have the academy awards--you know my mom used to cover the academy awards, both in beverly hills and then when she retired she did it in miami. All the spies agreed on the richness of the land, but ten of them said Israel could not conquer it because its inhabitants were too powerful and their cities were like fortresses. I always--i get confused and exasperated when I see people say, "oh, you know what the church did? The other thing is all of these nations had prepared the land. One is I want to tell friends--now let me think here. And it's like nobody has ever notified the poodle about the big disparity in size. Now not only does caleb have to wait 40 years to get the promise that he believed in, Moses had to wait. It seems like the other ten spies catch up later, and they said, "no, it's a land that eats up the inhabitants. " They decide to believe the ten spies. And I can just picture it. But David said, "well, if you can only hit his kneecap with a sword, use a sling and go for the head." And everyone goes, "ahh!" Maybe they saw a pit somewhere. [Music] Let's pray. They said it's a land. Matter of fact, look in Genesis 15 just to find out more about caleb. You know, there were slime pits. Psalm 92:12, "the righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar in lebanon." And othniel--" who later becomes a judge-- "The Son of kenaz--" it's interesting that caleb has a brother named kenaz, like the kenazites--his "younger brother, took it; and he gave him his daughter achsah as wife." They've done it all for us. Now here's the instructions that Moses gives.

What were their names? But it was never God's idea. Comments made on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday may not be approved until the following Monday. I'm holy. It may be the Lord will be with me, and I shall be able to drive them--" "I shall be able." We're going to be dealing with some of the questions teens have about God and creation and the Bible. That's which way I'm going to go."

And he said, "based on what God has done in the past, we are well able." A very special welcome to you that are joining us from across the country and around the world like you do every week to study God's Word together.

When you get to the book of Judges, he--caleb says, "whoever takes this mountain is going to get my daughter as wife."

And what you have here in Numbers is God saying, "okay." Meetings. 2 Peter 1:4, somebody got that one? Why did the dogs not eat Jezebel's hands, head and feet? But it will be on this station. Who were the hittites? I'm looking forward to meeting him in the Kingdom. So they go and they look at the land and two of 'em say, "flowing with milk and honey." And who knows what they were thinking. Who Were the Nephilim Giants of the Bible? And everyone from rahab to tamar to Ruth, right, came from other places. Okay, so we're in chapter 14 now. We take pictures. He stayed with Israel because he had committed to them the oracles of truth in His Word. I've just seen some of the old pictures in willits. And you know the weather changes. Hymn number 532, "day by day. "

He said to David, "I am with you." He didn't know how he'd do it, but he believed he would, because God said he'd give it to them. And we're very glad to have you join us today. I think that's a wonderful promise. Are there different spirits like, you know, cereal in the Market? If you could go back in time and suddenly plop yourself down somewhere in history, where would you plop? Other documents point to her as the mother of Hur and the wife of Caleb. The devil. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. That's the big question. Just suppose--it says that one of the King of the anakim had a bed that was 13 feet. And the odds weren't with me when I killed the lion. He hasn't changed, has he? "Exceeding, great and precious promises, that through these," promises we can be overcomers. Eight thousand miles roundtrip to find out what was there and come back and report.

"And Moses and aaron fell on their faces before the assembly of the congregation of the children of Israel." Caleb, in the Old Testament, one of the spies sent by Moses from Kadesh in southern Palestine to spy out the land of Canaan. One's a hummingbird; one's a buzzard. I mean so it depends on how you look at it. We hope you'll go there and get more information.

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