I wouldn't be so far behind in academics or career wise. i actually wish vyvanse didnt last so long lol. But I also don't crash and burn as hard when I dissolve it either. I'm going to ask my doc about doing this. taking vyvanse with food will slow down the process a little but won’t reduce absorbtion. digestion occurs after contents leave the stomach and enter the small intestine at which time the body will readjust low pH levels back to a more neutral, higher pH level (mostly because the small intestine and later the large intestine are not lined with protective coating to buffer against low pH (like the stomach is). Previously, I've tried many holistic methods, supplements, etc. For me vyvanse doesn't work at all unless I have a high protein breakfast. I just got diagnosed and am prescribed Vyvanse yay! The nicotine causes more dopamine to be released, and the natural MAOI’s cause less dopamine to be broken down, which means the high will be better, it will last a lot longer, and when used during the comedown, (especially with ritalin, I can’t tell you how much tobacco is a lifesaver when it comes to ritalin) it makes you feel a lot better. So, consuming milk/dairy/cheese while being lactose intolerant would have no effect on the efficiency of Vyvanse? Make sure you avoid vitiam-c and try to avoid caffeine as much as possible as it messes with the meds quite a bit. (Trypsin is the enzyme that cleaves the lysine off to activate the compound.) When I first started taking vyvanse the dose was too big for me. Well, do it this way. I crash and get all emotional and depressed. Make sure you avoid vitiam-c and try to avoid caffeine as much as possible as it messes with the meds quite a bit. You get the picture...basically, I don't feel that crash or coming down feeling . You can't do this with most meds but it's fine with Vyvanse because it's not digested my stomach acid. Without the coffee, I turn into a person that doesn't want to do a damn thing except complain, sit, and eat. I started out on 40 mg and noticed that by the afternoon (around 2-3, I was taking it at 9 am) it would start to wear off. Weekly threads to plan and notice the positive in our lives. For me vyvanse doesn't work at all unless I have a high protein breakfast. I did research because my dr wanted me to take a vyvanse in the am and another lower dose one in the afternoon..but my insurance won't cover it so I wanted to see if maybe taking it dissolved in water would help. Interesting thread, I usually hate how long vyvanse lasts. Vitamin C interferes with your body's absorption of vyvanse, making it less effective. I still had the habit of eating, occasionally experienced physical hunger, but the appetite suppression of the medicine made me unwilling to have foods that aren't highly stimulating flavor-wise. olab7. Don't forget to eat breakfast or the thought of food might make you gag for the rest of the day. Tyrosine might help it along too. gman7104. However, consider consulting a doctor as well. Is the “crash” (irritability, emotional, depression) just a normal side effect or is it because of lack of proper nutrition, sleep, etc? I only get nauseous for a short time, then by dinner time I eat like normal...sometimes it seems to work better on an empty stomach, but that's debatable because it relies on proteolytic enzymes to get the amphetamine free. I don’t know if I just gained a tolerance towards it or what. but they always wonder why i din’t behave that way. i was wrong. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. only notices increases of effects) or due to tolerance which makes lower levels merely equate to baseline feeling. Smoking tobacco is something I always love to combine with stimulants. When I first started taking it I couldn't eat more then 1 taco for 12 hours until after the meds wore off, so like others said make sure you eat before hand. It's not because of the meds, I just wasn't raised in a very structured household with a routine, which doesn't help my ADHD. Usually it’s just the opposite lol. Is there anyway to slow down the time to peak concentration or make the peak duration longer? I don’t understand how 50 mgs could possibly only last 2 hours. My first day on Vyvanse was amazing, but I got dry mouth (only the first day), so make sure you have water on you. So basically..I was prescribed Vyvanse a couple months ago. I don’t believe the ability of the lysine to be cleaved from the lisdexamfetamine is dependent on the concentration of vyvanse in your system, so the time to peak concentration will likely be the same however the peak concentration will be higher and the hepatic metabolization and kidney excretion of the d-amp will take longer since more is absorbed. Follow all directions on your prescription label. But I plan to change all that this year. It really smoothed things out for me, where the "crash" isn't really discernible and I feel like I have some agency in terms of whether I'll be the productive person I was earlier or the relaxing person I sometimes would like to be in the evenings. Being lactose intolerant would not affect the absorption of vyvanse normally, as lactose intolerance is caused by lactase deficiency, and lactase is not critically involved in cleaving lysine from lis-dexamphetamine. well vyvanse is just plain old vyvanse until the pill contents pass into the small intestine in which the body does the normal thing of digestion and cleaves the lysine molecule leaving the amphetamine portion to absorb into the blood stream. You have an erection, but, maybe you want an even harder one. I don't know about Concerta, but isn't the time release mechanism in Adderall XR predicated on dissolving in sequence in stomach acid? ive read things that make it stronger but in turn make it last shorter. I was wondering if anyone here has tried something that absolutely worked for them? As effie said, if you have celiac disease this can broadly affect absorption in the small intestine. Fruit juices, multivitamins, etc. I notice it lasts longer when I do this instead of skipping breakfast or eating a high carb meal.

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