5. were saying 4. In order to form Past Continuous Tense we add Present Participle to was or were ; as— Answers: We hope the CBSE Class 8 English Grammar Tenses help you. Present Tense From his perch behind the clock, Hugo could (0) see (see) everything. In such sentences it does not express the Future ; as— (fish) in the muddy water, when he (iii) …………. 5. (ii) In Interrogative sentences ‘will’/‘shall’ is placed before the subject and first form of the verb after it ; as— II. We use ‘had’ at random wherever we view ‘past action’ in a sentence in our mother-tongue. 3. had gone

(i) The Past Continuous Tense is used to express an action that was happening in the Past at the time of speaking. I ………… for the examination for one year. 2. He was so thirsty that he drank all the milk. (b) The doctor will be coming in an hour. I could have passed. My guide (0) told (tell) me if I wanted to meet these people, I would have to walk two miles.

(b) comes His first word (i) …………. I. Rewrite the following sentences changing the Verbs into the Past Tense : Subject + shall/will + have + IIIrd form of verb + object.

The patient had died before the doctor arrived. Answer: (i) sat (ii) began (iii) to copy (iv) were scratching (v) brought (vi) had (vii) were writting (viii) dipped, Question 20. 3. One morning I (0) see (see) the python curled up on the dressing table. (need)

Supply the correct form of the verbs (present tense) given in brackets : (See the entry for reach in Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, G. & C. Merriam, 1913.). (d) has left, Question 4. Examples: She is not weeping. (take) The farmers will not be watering the plants at this time. 8.
2. The sun rises in the east. She ………….. hard since December. Rewrite the following sentences changing the Verbs into the Present Tense :

Dahl (ii) …………. My mother ………… when I returned home.

From Middle High German rēch, from Old High German rēh, from Proto-West Germanic *raihō, from Proto-Germanic *raihô, *raihą (“deer”). (d) Guru and Pranay have been travelling since last month. (d) To express an action which occupied a period of time in the Past, but is now ended. The train was running at full speed. 10. are, making, C. Present Perfect Tense Examples: (a) Jay completed MCA last year. 2. (a) received Answer: (i) was (ii) had learnt (iii) spoilt (iv) hated (v) refused (vi) allowed (vii) gave (viii) painted, Question 3. The Future Indefinite Tense is used to express the action or event which is likely to happen in Future. As he ………….. left on the road, a bus ………….. him down. (ii) In negative form, ‘not’ is placed after ‘had’ and before ‘been’ ; as—

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