We will then let you know what or if you need to do anything. People should contact the Department of Human Services - International Services on 131 673 for specific information relating to their circumstances. If you turned 65 before 1 November 2003 you must have at least 10 years New Zealand residence. If you already reside in New Zealand, contact Work and Income. Work and Income may compare information with Inland Revenue, the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Corrections, the New Zealand Customs Service, the Department of Internal Affairs, ACC, Kāinga Ora (used to be Housing New Zealand) and Immigration New Zealand. Normally you can only be paid from the date you lodge your claim or the date you become eligible, whichever is later. See below for contact details. At least four weeks before you are due to leave, call Work and Income to arrange an interview. You may be able to receive either of these if you have resided in the Netherlands and: If you are under the age of 65 and receiving a Veteran's Pension or are included as a non-qualified partner, any other income you receive may affect the rate you are paid. Americans working abroad must obtain a certificate of coverage to document their exemption under the totalization agreement. any other information that you think will be helpful. For more information on paying taxes in the Netherlands, contact Netherlands tax authorities. You will need to advise Work and Income of the details. We stopped accepting new applications for this from 9 November 2020. In certain circumstances, Work and Income may approach other governments from whom you may be able to receive a similar benefit or pension. You will need to tell International Services that you have returned to reside in New Zealand. For further information on this, please contact Inland Revenue in New Zealand. Work and Income checks your identity and residency status. the rate of New Zealand benefit paid to you, when combined with your Netherlands payment is more than the normal amount of benefit. Bilateral social security agreements eliminate this problem for American expatriates and the U.S. companies. Extra assistance (Accommodation Supplement, Disability Allowance and Family Tax Credit (formerly Family Support)) and the Living Alone Payment are only paid to people residing in New Zealand. The Department of Human Services has more information on this process. If you are already paid a New Zealand benefit or pension, the new payment usually starts from the first payment date after you leave New Zealand. Even if you are not residing in New Zealand, you must still tell International Services about any changes to your circumstances eg you marry or change address. You may also need to pay tax on your holiday pay. a claim for New Zealand pension by contacting, a claim for New Zealand pension from offices of, a claim for Australian pension from offices of, Australian or overseas passport that shows your date of arrival in Australia. For more information on how the Agreement will assist seconded workers, contact the Australian Taxation Office. to a New Zealand bank account every fortnight. Unemployment Insurance is payable by the Netherlands social security agencies. If you receive a New Zealand pension you must reclaim that pension when you move permanently between Australia and New Zealand. Contact them for more information. We have jobs available now in various industries and you can search on our job websites. Any New Zealand pension you receive will be paid into your nominated bank account monthly. You’ll need to show evidence of your time in New Zealand, and you must apply when you get there. How does it affect me?”. If your partner is getting a New Zealand benefit, such Jobseeker Support or Supported Living Payment, any excess amount from your Netherlands payment will be deducted from your partner’s New Zealand benefit. Other income you have may affect the amount paid to you if you are applying for an income-tested benefit. Note: Netherlands holiday pay and Netherlands benefits based on voluntary insurance are treated differently. Get help with accommodation costs, and advice on any housing issues and public housing tenancies. Department of Human Services Publications -. A life certificate is issued every 12 months if you receive New Zealand Superannuation or a Veteran's Pension while residing in the Netherlands. What age will I need to be to qualify for an Australian Age Pension or New Zealand Superannuation/Veterans Benefit? This rate is subject to an income test. This information is intended to be a guide only. Following the Auckland COVID-19 case announcement our Queen St, Grey Lynn and Mt Eden offices will be closed Friday 13 November. More information on lodging claims for New Zealand benefits is available from Work and Income. Generally the two pensions, when added together, would equal the amount of pension you would have received had you lived all your life in one country. meet the New Zealand criteria for a Sole Parent Support for widows and widowers, you have been resident in New Zealand for at least two years continuously (you and your partners periods of residence in the Netherlands and/or periods of Netherlands insurance attained after the age of 20 may be able to be used for this), the periods of time that you and/or your late partner accumulated insurance under Netherlands Social Security laws are treated as time resided in New Zealand. Globalization has a profound impact on U.S. citizens and green card holders. Your Australian pension will be paid into this account every 4 weeks in New Zealand Dollars.

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