For its enforcement, it created an Interstate Commerce Commission of five members, with powers of investigation, and with authority to issue remedial orders upon complaint and after hearing. Wilkinson then resigned (March 1778) his newly-acquired commission, but later re-entered the service in the quartermaster, He died in London on the 19th of general's department, and was clothier-general from July 1779 to March 1781. She at first refused their commission, then accepted it. Sir Theophilus Shepstone was given a commission, dated the 5th of October, 1876, instructing him to visit the Transvaal and empowering him, if it was desired by the inhabitants and in his judgment necessary, to annex the country to the British crown.

The management of the channel and navigation is now vested in a central commission, meeting at Mannheim on the 1st of July in each year. (fixed) Used with verbs: " We earn commission for everything we sell. On the whole, the best statistical source for this information is the annual computation published by the Archiv fiir Eisenbahnwesen, the official organ of the Prussian Ministry of Public Works; but the figure quoted above utilizes the Board of Trade returns for the United Kingdom and the report of the Interstate Commerce Commission for the United States.

Mr. Macdonald published several works on socialism and labour, besides a couple of books on India, which he visited in 1913 as a member of the Public Services Commission. As early as 1870 President Grant recommended measures of civil service reform, and succeeded in obtaining an act authorizing him to appoint a Civil Service commission. The commission among other proposals for a more liberal and sympathetic native policy urged the creation of a native advisory Board entrusted with very wide powers.

a commission was appointed to make a report on the state of the building and to undertake its completion, which was carried out in the following year. The commission appointed to try his case condemned him (iith of April 1741) to death by quartering, but this sentence was commuted by the clemency of the new regent, Anna Leopoldovna, the mother of Ivan VI., to banishment for life at Pelin in Siberia. This was the last commission entrusted to him. It's difficult to see commission in a sentence . After America's entrance into the World War the work had to be carried on by neutrals, but Mr. Hoover remained chairman of the Commission. This rectified budget, accompanied by an explanatory memorandum, was examined by the budget commission and the Council of Ministers, and submitted for the imperial sanction, after receiving which it was ordered that both be published. " A state railroad commission, organized in 1899, has power to regulate railway, steamer, sleepingcar, express, telephone and telegraph rates within the state. The report of this commission was then handed over to a committee of cardinals, who pronounced unanimously for the nullity of the orders in question. In July 1644 he went to Dorsetshire on military service, and on the 3rd of August received a commission as field-marshal general.

In pursuance of his commission he arrived at Bahia in April 1549, with a fleet of six vessels, on board of which were three hundred and twenty persons in the king's pay, four hundred convicts and about three hundred free colonists. For the native inhabitants, besides the works quoted under Kaffirs, valuable information will be found in Native Customs, H.C. 292 (1881), the Report of the Native Affairs' Commission, 1906-1907, Cd. In 1877 he was one of the counsel for the United States before the commission which in accordance with the treaty of Washington met at Halifax, N.S., to arbitrate the fisheries question between the United States and Great Britain. Finally in 1847 he was appointed as the head of a state commission to revise the practice and procedure.

In the Republican national convention of 1876 Conkling sought nomination for the presidency, and after the disputed election of this year he took a prominent part in devising and securing the passage of a bill creating an electoral commission. This was summarily considered by the council of ministers and then referred to the budget commission, which was to be composed not only of State functionaries, but of private persons " worthy of confidence, and well versed in financial matters, " and which was invested with the fullest powers of investigation and inquiry. The members of the commission were to be invested with powers so extensive that Cicero spoke of them as ten "kings.". Later the Commission's activities were extended to devastated northern France. His special interest in legislation for the working classes led him to be placed upon the Trades Union Commission of 1867-1869; he was secretary to the commission for the digest of the law, 1869-1870; and was from 1877 to 1889 professor of jurisprudence and international law under the council of legal education. He became first a postmaster near Lyons, and in 1841 was appointed, through the influence of some of his friends who had risen to posts of power, member of a scientific commission on Algeria, which led him to engage in researches concerning North Africa and colonization in general.

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