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This article advocates for increased research on the issue by formulating a research agenda.

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2012) 1 The following text is from the Constitute Project , who through a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License , has generously made this content available for use for noncommercial purposes.

The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the Federal Government. Given this reputation, it is surprising that the Belgian Constitution remains severely underresearched. Constitution of Belgium.

The constitution of Belgium was drafted on November 25, 1830, ratified on February 7, 1831, and became effective on July 26, 1831. endstream endobj 72 0 obj <>stream 0 h��V�n�6����P����N��N�&�-qw�h��(%v��3�^��;��.E�gg�(+g9g�by’� ]�\�D(�r�/��8-��L&�`yƤ�$���N������sx�vS��=�����+�w���9�0ً��s�?�dc��bi���ܨ=����ԇ}A�����)��538v�^��f��M���Mi�G�aZ�ԝ���d����M��hxh�O���{�*�M7��؃}x�� L9�-��|�p�� �!��W�����-��cx��0`�NS���ڞ��������v�4���!��S8�L�������������V�� �m�6�\,TP�Yg-T-.u`�����t�9��Ӄ�`��-��2~���S|9���yY�LK��.��:�����6�i��+��m��6��E�i����b��9�/�sۀ72�m�v��?�3�P[�a 4��6�ێv���-.��emWM�…�KX�`Ox��|� ��b�wm�z�pg���C�φ���xظĽa��MgO1���4j�=�o��/��w��k��4� 6"��74x�Z�`}�ք7�1���¼:��z�


the last constitutional amendment is the (according to another opinion: in a decentralized unitary state ) of 1994 by the Belgian unitary state into a federal state was transformed. Constitution of Belgium (1831, rev. The Belgian Nation adopts red, yellow, and black colours, while the coat of arms depicts the Lion of Belgium with the motto: UNION MAKES STRENGTH. h�b```"iV ��1G������͖�v��u���'l9�[؋��͓�'���`�;:v00��*� ��+�� 66 0 obj <> endobj The Constitution of the Kingdom of Belgium is still valid, as amended Constitution of Belgium on 7 February 1831st Formation and development After the independence from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Belgian Revolution of 1830, the new Belgian government announced in 1831 a constitution. y.q��P[�o��e���ܓNY���1*K� H���T4S��E�U�5x���� �0�9��c5��k��=I���/��2f�2LV�Լ4�Pe� �.i�&�]4 0�e1c��F�1��eQ�Q�C��s��SW�Q|R���b�Ll�J�&o`+�۷o�{ί����}���;���6B@�?ѡ���@:��W�-Z\�]90jc�W�����PeK:5m�%b� ���Va�\��'�g��jVi'�R8�(�Fe�N�o-�&b���sh]9��8t��=�;2�I~�� 3$��Y���>���;�Z��О��I{�%���V-���k4�^��S�m��gG�M��: ��������$>������BǼnO'�J᝱�8^�=���yBlR���+O7���p��S]�s���eJA���%�mN'�

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Second, it provides an overview of the recent research on the 1831 Constitution and a critical assessment of its realizations. THE BELGIAN CONSTITUTION This new translation of the Belgian Constitution was made under the guidance of the Legal Department of the House of Representatives and with the collaboration of Mr A. MacLean. endstream endobj 71 0 obj <>stream �GrE����9�$_�(��TIK�јV��B���+$ ��J�Սn�5t|�o��g��oz�6:�u]�ކ��ы�Y��p��Z#I����م�����~���������Դ(#0&u�#w����d����מ��jQ�N|`�HۛUw���:�n1)!7P_b�� �4�QPnC�������;�4���g���y���f�ʽ�_9Cr�qx�W�b��8 M������� h�8f�����v��e��z�x��c�(�޹e�v�~����z �kO_� �g0�u���gH�ʉ[I�YI ��d8��2&���m��VY�P���F䦪���ٚ�7A���d$����`����yh�gLa/�m/Uδ���s*M�N������L!��;�S�xa$zgB1��j��qJ�F�|��)�

The Legal Department is also thankful to Mr R. Ryckeboer, Adviser to the President of the Constitutional Court, for his suggestions and appraisal.

H�|�yPw�{�����C����D�+`� Q#Y�� �R`���`� 2�%0u�D]�D4^�Ucd�b6�Rq���o�_*�M��lm�����{�o������!� �F�q�^F��� �E����¬��|QQV�x��'h��$����c/�3��ބ���&_��^P�������e���B������W���/.�/��'�f�-(���_���0�$w?���! ��Q֭Q�_��ɿ���Nx�ۅ�T`��,��6���J�Z'?�]�c�_�@���ȧ����x�� ��F\��? Ever since its proclamation in 1831, the Belgian Constitution has been heralded as one of the crowning achievements of modern constitutionalism. On 7 February 1831, the Belgian Constitution was proclaimed. H�\�͎�0�}����bD_�DBH!������$f�TB�o_4� rBb��Njn�ݍ��Z|�/�>���4s�^��>���z��Vé�=��o>L�"�߯�xލ�K�Z���t�z���S;\^�S��:q>�����n����i��q��R��j��T�����p�j��=�t�t�?�2w��OQ���"���:�8��X���Y�UH�u���UY��˱�u��U���eim�v�t>Λt^��R��+dad�l�-�E^2/��\g��"o�7�3��y�Lc:�L_:+M��MӦa�5s���52�fM��YӬa֎�!ӯ���k�5�~M��_ӯ���k�5�~M��_���~�_���~�_���~�_���~�_���~�_���~�_���~�_���~���o�7�� �~C����o�7�� �~C����o�7�� �~C����l`6t8-m6K����fa��Y�,m6k��6����fi����fa��Y�,�6�1K���>���>�̎c�0��~������w�;���~������w�;���~�����D[uY�lr��z��9����=��yܟ����o#��oc�an3�Mn��s��*?

h+��t�kp���}N��N����~9]&�J�[�` ���0 brecht deseure, raf geenens, christophe maes, stefan sottiaux The Belgian Constitution is a somewhat obscure object. The Belgian Constitution: Modern Constitutionalism’s Greatest Triumph?

Brecht Desaure, Raf Geenens, Christophe Maes, Stefan Sottiaux, “The Belgian Constitution: Modern Constitutionalism’s Greatest Triumph?”, Journal of Constitutional History, 2018, afl.

This article is part of a special issue concerning the Belgian Constitution of 1831. On the revision of the Constitution… ?-��x�=�`����ֲ�-:ٲ3-*j9-&c���`p7���;J��t���rb��ϲe='��91�9��xxNO�����D���A��xx� h7p�+�`|&/�݀v� Horst Dippel famously wro-te that the 1831 Constitution was, at the time of its birth, seen as modern constitutiona-lism’s ‘greatest triumph’1. Even the Iranian Constitution of 1906, with some changes since the Constitutional Revolution to the Islamic Revolution in 1979 had validity, the Belgian constitution served as a model. 53), 17-32, Research agenda Belgian Constitution 1831, New Senior Academic Staff & Tenure Track Position Openings, Living, studying and working in Leuven (VESTA). j�l��Z#���H����+}Q�'Q4��,7ҫȡ�IիDE�q�T�D��7���+��"��c����nJ

The Belgian Constitution was modeled on the Dutch Constitution of 1814 and looks like this in front of a parliamentary monarchy. Title VIII.

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