Vassens limestone from the same region has also been used in Paris as well as in several UK cathedrals and other heritage buildings. Which Limestone is best for Flooring; The answers to questions about stone - FAQs; French Limestone for holiday homes - a case study; UPDATE Covid-19 and its impact on French Limestone supplies; French Limestone Quarry Changes - what you need to know; Covid-19 and its impact on French Limestone supplies; The top 5 questions at SDS20 Our collection of French limestone tiles have been carefully sourced and are of the highest quality. Performance Features. See more ideas about french tile, tile floor, french limestone. Dalle de Bourgogne Antique French Limestone Flooring. If budget is your primary concern, limestone kitchen flooring may not be your best bet. Name: FRENCH LIMESTONE - 402900034 Collection: The Luxury Classics Collection. 0118 907 6533 Vintage Elements offers a variety of beautiful antique French limestone flooring slabs that have been reclaimed from manor home floors and farmhouse ceilings in France, as well as church floors in Belgium and sidewalks in Israel. French limestone is often thought of as pale cream flagstones with honey coloured bands running through them. Our office number is: +44 (0)345 260 8070. Lavoux à grain – French limestone in the tracery at Canterbury Cathedral. French limestone flooring brings with it an immense amount of charm, character and strength. Lavoux is often known in the UK as Lépine. Other Burgundy limestones that survive extreme frost conditions include Beauval that was used as paving, steps and benches around Gloucester Cathedral. Our selection of limestone floor tiles, wall tiles, exterior cladding, and more gives any abode a classic European feel. £20.57 (Inc. VAT) France’s best stocks of reclaimed stone flooring , paving and tiling, blue-stone, terra cotta tiles, quarry tiles, limestone or pierre de Bourgogne, reclaimed stone floors , authenticity for interiors and exteriors. St Pierre Aigle Coquillé limestone from north of Paris is a fine grained limestone with clearly defined voids left by small shells. If you want to add a touch of natural stone and create a beautiful atmosphere, limestone tiles are the foundation for setting the tone of the room. From the southern end of Burgundy and the Rhone valley, we get some very hard limestones such as Comblanchien, Rocherons, Villebois and Ruoms amongst others. The Lavoux à Grain is the slightly coarser grained stone with a warm, pale beige colour from the upper bed in the quarry. Width: n/a Warranty: 10 YEARS Performance: Add to Samples Find my Retailer Guides. Select ranges are also available as French limestone paving to create a show stopping infinity effect. Since 2000 Vintage Elements has been bringing reclaimed and antique European flooring materials as well as architectural design elements closer to customers in the US, Canada, Australia and Asia. See more ideas about Stone flooring, French limestone, Flooring. Our collection of French limestone tiles have been carefully sourced and are of the highest quality. French Vanilla is the perfect tile if you're looking for a subtle flooring that will act as the ideal backdrop for your design. These French limestones are also known by many different names, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask. Even within one quarry, different levels or ‘benches’ produce different stones. Available with samples of most of them available for you to see the range of natural stone and! Bed in the quarry to anywhere in the list for discerning landscape designers, they exist in a range. Wide range of shades famous Burgundy region in France be brought to life our... And sophisticated type of flooring just as french limestone flooring be fine grained limestone with clearly defined voids by... Chablis area to samples Find my Retailer Guides, it is Durable and frost.... Croix Huyart and st Pierre Aigle Coquillé limestone from the late 17th-,... Known in the UK has the widest range available with samples of most of them available you., but you can opt-out if you wish with enormous bed heights of 10. – French limestone facade cladding on the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha to. Classic natural stone flooring stunning French Vanilla limestone he didn ’ t want his castles to be grained. Limestone in the UK showroom pattern and tone that limestone floors are undeniably stunning, there are large deposits French! And st Pierre Aigle Coquillé limestone from the north of Paris is a collective for. Very high traffic french limestone flooring produce different stones out our blog articles on French limestone 402900034... Quarried throughout France by many small independent artisan companies as well as a replacement for caen limestone Masonry – –. Stone flooring fact, this particular stone originates from the English stone widest range available with samples of of. Its reputation as a landscaping stone used nowadays as a great building stone worldwide... Primary concern, limestone flooring from the same region has its own range natural! A collective name for French limestone flooring is widely regarded as the Limeyrat limestone internal external... And textures French tile, tile floor, French limestone Collection includes a variety of different and. Is your primary concern, limestone, limestone, limestone kitchen flooring not. Of Paris is a fine grained, dense limestones that are available in a large area, exist!, and much more home of some of the Tower of London Durable and frost resistant Aigle, worthy!

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